Đánh Giá Xe Outback 2015 bao giờ về Vn ?

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Em thấy trên forum Outback có thông tin về đánh giá của Consumer Reports (phải có tài khoản để xem), em copy một số thông tin được post trên forum vào đây.

Consumer Reports đánh giá 2015 Outback ở mức 82/100 điểm, cùng điểm với Audi Allroad và là cao nhất trong phân khúc, cao hơn các xe khác như Venza, Volvo XC70...

More than just a wagon, the Outback is an intriguing alternative to a traditional midsized SUV. The Outback has more cargo space than most seemingly larger competitors, less thirst for fuel, and a lower price. Functionally, it does everything most midsized SUVs can do -- except tow a heavy load.
Subaru has split the difference between a wagon and a crossover, creating a winning combination.
It may not look much different from it predecessor, but Subaru has addressed just about every serious complaint we had before.
The continuously variable transmission (CVT) has been recalibrated, making acceleration less thrashy. Unless you floor the gas pedal, the engine revs and noise drop off quickly, which makes the car sound much quieter and feel more relaxed. The tradeoff is that the Outback is slower in its new four-cylinder iteration, though it doesn't really feel slow from behind the wheel. Six-cylinder 3.6R versions are much quicker and even quieter. With the 2.5i, we measured fuel economy of 24 mpg, which is better than any midsized SUV.
Because the Outback carries a car-like center of gravity compared to those crossovers, its ride comfort and handling are more balanced and exhibits less body lean in tight corners. It's no sports car, but in normal driving the Outback feels plenty responsive and secure.
But the Outback's ride height also has been raised by 2.8 inches over its Legacy sedan sibling. Not only does that make getting in and out of the Outback really easy, it also adds ground clearance for cruddy roads.
Inside, the Outback finally gets a contemporary infotainment system that makes pairing phones and streaming online audio easy.
You can also get a full compliment of high-tech safety gear with Subaru's EyeSight, which includes lane-departure and forward collision warnings, along with active cruise control that can bring the car to a stop on its own in low-speed situations.
Throw in excellent visibility, a quiet cabin, straightforward controls, and good predicted reliability, and the Outback is an easy car to recommend.

Why buy one:
Better mpg than a midsized SUV
Much more room and better equipped than a similarly priced small SUV
Standard all-wheel-drive
Comfortable ride
Excellent visibility
Intuitive controls
Finally, a Subaru with contemporary amenities and cabin electronics
Lower price of entry than the Volvo XC70 and Toyota Venza

Why not buy one:
Design looks the same
Hardcore roof-rack users might need a workaround for the integrated roof rack system
Outside temperature and clock not very prominent

Viable alternatives:
Subaru Forester
Toyota Venza
Six-cylinder Outbacks compete well against the pricey Volvo XC70
Audi Allroad
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